Why not make a change and Vote For Yourself?

Are you an OAP? Well if you Vote For Yourself, you will see your state pension rise to £340 per week.

Are you a Full Time University Student? If you Vote For Yourself, you will receive £340 per week plus will also be able to get a Student Loan at just 1% above the base rate to pay for your tuition fees.

Are you unemployed? If you Vote For Yourself, we will pay you £340 for a 40 hour week to do community work or skills training to start a new career.

Are you working for a living? If you Vote For Yourself, your Personal Allowance will rise to £20,800 per year before you pay any income tax. Your income tax will be set at a flat rate of 20%. National Insurance will be abolished and everyone over 18 will pay a flat rate Personal NHS Contribution. The Minimum Wage will be £10 per hour for anyone over 16.

Are you a full time carer for a loved one? If you Vote For Yourself, we will pay you £340 per week.

Do you have a disability that prevents you from working? If you Vote For Yourself, we will pay you £340 per week.

The aim at Vote For Yourself is to make everyone winners, perhaps with the exception of career politicians.

Vote For Yourself will create jobs in the Private Sector and reduce the number of jobs in the Public Sector. There will be no redundancies.

You will keep more of your earnings in your pocket for you to decide how to spend it rather than MPs deciding for you.

We will simplify the whole system, reduce the size of government from the top down (starting with the number of MPs), cut taxes, reduce borrowing and pay off the National Debt. We will invest in public infrastructure via new Local Special Limited Companies. (LSLCs)

Here’s an example of how an LSLC works:

A Local Authority sets up a LSLC. It puts land it owns into the LSLC for an allocation of shares. More shares are then sold to raise money. The money is then used to build Social Housing Apartments. The tenants pay rent. The rent creates a profit. Dividends are paid to the shareholders = Zero borrowing.

LSLCs can also be used to build public buildings, town halls, sports centres etc with the Local Authority being the end tenants.

Here are the 10 Basic Highlight Points at Vote For Yourself:-

1: Income Tax will be set at a flat rate of 20% and your Personal Allowance before tax will be £20,800 per year. The Minimum wage will be set at £10 per hour for 16 and above. 

2: Jobs will be created by massive investment in building new, rent controlled, safe, high quality social housing apartments on brownfield sites. These will be funded by the new Local Special Limited Companies.

3: The NHS annual budget will be set and divided by everyone over the age of 18. Each person will then pay this amount as a flat rate Personal NHS Contribution deducted monthly from their income this will replace their National Insurance Contribution. Care for the elderly will be made the NHS’s responsibility and be paid from their budget.

4: The number of politicians, starting with MPs (halved by twinning constituencies), will be reduced to save money.

5: The following will be paid £340 per week. Those getting the State Pension, full time University Students, the unemployed for 40 hours per week skills training or community work, people caring for a disabled loved one full time and anyone too disabled to work at all. From your income, rent, council tax and your Personal NHS Contribution will be deducted. 

6: There will be a Public Sector pay cap of £80,000 per year. People earning more currently will continue to do so until they leave. There will be a recruitment freeze, but no redundancies. 

7: Pensions – Employers will no longer make pension contributions. All new employees in the Private and Public Sector will only be able to take out private sector pensions.

8: Inheritance Tax will be abolished as will the TV Licence.

9: Central and Local Government Departments will charge for their services where possible in order to be self financing and make a profit.

10: Contentious issues will be put to the people in referendums. The cost of an issue will be determined by a percentage increase in income tax. People will vote yes or no to the issue. If the answer is yes then income tax will rise by that amount to finance it.

How we organise at Vote For Yourself.

These ideas proposed above are not complicated. The intention is to simplify the entire system which has gotten out of hand, becoming inefficient and way too expensive.

How we organise will also be done in a simplified manner.

No money is required to join we would rather you give us a small amount of your time, not your money.

People will be grouped by constituencies. We will only consider standing a candidate at a General Election if we have at least 1,000 members in the constituency. We will not be standing in local elections.

Money for candidates to stand, eg deposits, leaflets etc, will be raised by local fundraisers. If someone does makes a donation, it will be accepted, but it is not asked for. The donor will receive nothing for their donation other than a thank you. We will not be put in a position where we will be beholding to anyone.

We will not do interviews with the media. Any time someone has a question, just direct them to the website (when it is created).

We will connect with people by word of mouth, in person or on social media and eventually through door to door leafleting.

A final word about myself. I am happy to start this off, happy to do work on it and also happy to put in £20,000 to pay the deposits for 40 candidates on the above conditions. However I am at heart a stand up comedian and that’s all I want to do. I would prefer to step back and just help a little, like any other member.

If you agree with the above basic points and want to join simply email the following: Your POSTCODE and the phrase ‘A Fresh Start’ to