Lee Hurst

Lee Hurst has been doing stand up comedy for over 30 years and is confident of getting his first laugh any day now.

Before doing stand up, Lee has had many jobs ranging from office cleaning to telephone engineer apprentice. He also did a job at the Halifax Building Society, only the one day mind, in/out no one got hurt. He used to deliver fish for a living where he would stand in a stream shouting: “Push, push!” In fact Lee had so many jobs that when applying for a new one, instead of sending in a CV, he would simply direct them to Yellow Pages East.

Lee eventually started doing  stand up and has not looked back since as you need to maintain good form when sprinting away from angry crowds.

Eventually Lee moved onto doing TV warm up work where he would get the audience ready to watch the recording of TV comedy shows. His technique was simple, do his act and by the time the main performers appeared the audience were grateful for anything resembling comedy.

Finally Lee was brought to the British public’s notice when he appeared as a team regular on the hugely successful BBC show ‘They Think It’s All Over’.

After 2 years on the show, Lee left to start his own Backyard Comedy Club in 1998. This ran until 2010 when it was demolished by Lee to build a new hotel development with the Backyard returning on the ground floor.

In 2006 Lee went out to Afghanistan to entertain the troops and despite the language difficulties he went down well with the Taliban. He also went to Iraq, but decided that Glasgow was a bit too risky.

Lee finally left the East End of London (he is a genuine cockney as he was born within the sound of a mugging) and moved out to Kent. By accident Lee started a series of regular gigs under ‘The Local Comedy Club’ brand. These gigs were finally stopped in 2020 by the Corona Pandemic which Lee thought was a bit harsh as they could have just asked him to stop and saved all the fuss.

Lee then decided to design his own website that you are reading now.

Hopefully stand up comedy will be allowed to return one day and if it is and Lee is still gigging, you will find his gigs listed here.