The aim of The Voting Bloc to provide homes, jobs, healthcare and education for everyone. It will reduce the burden on taxpayers and will start paying off the National Debt.


Your Personal Allowance before you pay any income tax will be £20,800.

Income Tax will then be paid at a flat rate of 20% for everyone.

You will pay a flat rate Personal NHS Contribution instead of National Insurance. This will be the entire NHS budget divided by the entire adult population of 18 and above.


Full time university students will be paid £340 per week.

Student loans will be charged at a rate of 1% above base rate and will only be available for tuition fees. When a student leaves university they will immediately start repaying the loan at 4% above base rate of their gross income.



MPs salaries will be cut to 2.5 times the rate of the Minimum Wage for a 40 hour week.

MPs will no longer claim expenses. Instead they will get a £10,000 per year tax free lump sum.

MPs will get rent free accommodation Westminster accommodation, free passes for public transport and a government issued standard office equipment package.

The number of MPs will be cut to 500.

When MPs lose their seats, they will be entitled to a standard redundancy package of 1 week’s pay for each year’s service.



Anyone who registers as unemployed will be paid £340 for a 40 hour week of community work or skills training. This will all be run by Local Employment Teams (LETs).


The NHS will be funded by a new flat rate Personal NHS Contribution. Once the entire NHS annual budget is set for the following year, it will be divided equally by every adult over the age of 18. People will then pay their share monthly by having it deducted from their income.

Care of the elderly will be brought into the NHS. 

A complete overhaul of the NHS will be undertaken to reduce costs.



In an effort to simplify as much as possible and reduce costs the following will end.

The TV Licence will be abolished and the BBC will become a subscription service.

The House of Lords will be abolished. 

Inheritance Tax will be abolished. People should be able to leave their money, property and assets to their families, not the government.

Regional Assemblies, Police Crime Commissioners and elected mayors will all be abolished. 



The State Pension will be raised to £340 per week per person.

If an elderly person goes into a Care Home, they will have rent deducted as if they were in social housing followed by another deduction of £100 of the remaining amount of their State Pension to pay towards their care. 

If an elderly person requires care at home, they will have £100 of their State Pension deducted to pay towards their care after their rent has been deducted.



We are moving costs away from the wages you earn and will move costs onto people who actually want a government service so prices will  go up for the following like Passports, Driving Licences, MOTs, Airport Tax, Planning Applications.

All government departments will be instructed to make a profit.



Current employees will retain their current pension arrangements with the exception that employers will no longer make pension contributions.



There will be other tax increases to pay for things.

Eg. If someone owns a property and sells it, they will still not pay Capital Gains Tax. However, if a person owns more than one property they will pay CGT on every property they sell until they are left with the last one. 

Anyone buying a property and selling it will always pay CGT.

All interest on savings will have a flat rate of 20% fee deducted by the banks or building societies and paid directly to the government. The savings tax free allowance will be abolished. 


This is the cornerstone policy of our plans.

We will build hundreds of thousands of safe, high quality, rent controlled, social housing apartments. This will create tens of thousands of jobs. 

A Local Social Housing Limited Company (LSHLC) is set up. The Local Authority puts land it owns into the LSHLC for an allocation of shares. The money to build the homes is raised by selling shares. The homes are then built and rented out to people on the waiting list. The profits generated from the rent means taxes are paid and dividends paid to shareholders.

You then have an asset, partly owned by the Local Authority and earning income through dividends. The whole thing is done at zero cost to the taxpayer.

This same model can be used by Local Authorities to build libraries, sports centres, swimming pools, town halls, schools, community theatres. The tenant providing the rent will be the Local Authority. 



Selected  roads will be leased to Private Companies for annual rents paid to the government. These companies will then be allowed to charge tolls for drivers to use their roads. The companies will be responsible for the maintenance of the roads they lease on pain of compensation payments should they fail. This will remove the cost to the taxpayer and turn burdens into assets. 


No current employees will be made redundant, there will be no pay cuts and your pension arrangements will remain the same

There will be a pay cap of £80,000 per year introduced for anyone currently earning less than that. Anyone earning higher will have their pay frozen. When anyone earning higher leaves their job, the pay cap will be introduced for someone taking that job.

There will be a widespread recruitment freeze. Some particular jobs however will require new recruitment.

Through simplification, as certain jobs end, the staff will be redeployed into new roles on the same pay and terms they currently have. 

New Public Sector employees who are recruited will earn the same pay scales, but they will no longer be entitled to the same pension arrangements. They can take out a private sector pension, but no pension contributions will be paid by the employer.